Newbie - can this be done?

Being rather new to home automation in general and very new to OH I was wondering if a “challege” I have just created for myself (otherwise known as painting yourself into a corner) can be solved by OH.

I have found that a sky HD box consumes a lot of electric when on standby and unfortunately this one box is in a corner of a room which makes turning off the power at the wall rather difficult.

So - plan 1 was to put a HS100 TP Link switch on it and schedule it to turn off at midnight and on a 0700 - when nobody will be using it.

That works just with the Kasa software. The problem however is that the TY detects the power coming back on and fires up as if you were wanting to watch something.

The TV has a Chromecast plugged into it and can be turned off verbally using Google Assistant.

Plan 2 is to schedule a command via OH to tell the TV to turn off at 0701

Messy - but I can’t think of a better way at the moment.

Can OH do all of this, schedule the HS100 plug to turn off at midnight, turn on at 0700 , then make sure the TV is off/standby at 0701 ?

Just need to know if OH has the capability to control the TP Link Power Outlet and the Chromecast at this point.

I have TP Link binging, things and items defined. Will be looking at the Chromecast next.




Yes… BUT the sky box really doesn’t like being switched on and off. Two boxes failed on me before and since they were replaced I don’t switch it off and it has been running for 3 years now. The power consumption outweigh the replacement cost.

Yes, you can do that in a rule

Maybe, depends on the TV, if there is a binding…

Wow - that was a quick reply - thank you very much.

I assume you measured it, Curious how much power does it draw?

I like tracking some of these things, no other reason. Like the solution also!


I use tp link sockets over 8 in my house

I have found both models (normal and energy moniter) freindly and reliable

They are super easy too intergrate with openhab

I did have a unit stop working was still under warranty tp link replaced instantly

For the turning on/off at certain times. You can program this into the plugs directly no openhab needed


There are other ways of knowing this

If you added another tplink socket too the tv plug (energy moniter version) you could measure the power that is been used take a reading at a certain time if it’s above a certain value the tv is on if its below tv is off

I use this approach too know if my projector is powered

(edit) just read the first post properly only skim read parts

If there is not a binding you could add a broadlink or harmony hub too send remote controll commands

I have a HS110 plug which reports that the SKY box uses about 55w when ON and 37w when in standby. May not seem a lot but when you start adding up how many devices there are in the house it does add up.

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Umm - all new terms for me - more to think about and read up on.

For creating rules should I use Eclipse editor or remain in the Web interface. I am a Java programmer and use Eclipse all the time but would welcome recommendations as to the best approach.

The recomend tool is visual studio code with the openhab extension installed

I use a Mac - is there a Mac version ?

@Dave_G1 yes it’s a light on all the time! Thanks!