Newbie - control heating depend on temperature

Hello there!
I’m really new here and ask for a little help. I think I’ve made all the mistakes that beginners do. Now i have several devices but they can’t really function as a system. This is what openhab for, right? :slight_smile: But it seems my devices don’t even compatible with OH. Let my show you what i have and what I’d like to achieve. So

  • google home
  • tonbux smart sockets, ewelink and google home compatible
  • xiaomi gateway (Mijia)
  • xiaomi termo and humidity meters (Bluetooth version)
  • also have IKEA lights with a gateway if that matters, don’t think so

My goal is to turn on / off heating devices through smart sockets depend on temperature. I’m afriad i need to sell almost everything and buy only Xiaomi products that are supported by HO? Let me add that i have three rooms one with a Fujitsu A/C (also heats) and two rooms with electric heating.

Thank you, regards

Hi and welcome!

If your smart sockets can be controlled via Google Home, then as far as I understand, openHAB should be able to switch them on/off.

Once you’ve sussed that bit out, you can then use a process similar to My Central Heating Solution using Thermal Actuators for controlling the switches based on temperature.