Newbie Harmony Hub configuration setup help

Hi all I have recently got a raspberry pi 3 & Logitech Harmony Hub and am trying to setup home automation I have got openhab running how do I make it communicate with harmony hub I have already got Harmony hub binding add ons installed, I have been reading other articles ect but I don’t understand it I am totally lost there is a file called cfg has I have seen in a article and you enter something in there which I don’t know what to enter to get harmony hub working then I would like to get it working with Apple HomeKit Bridge so I can use my iPhone to send command through Siri, I am new to all this never done any coding or anything before would be very Grateful if somebody can tell me simple instructions to what goes where to get this up and running.


did you read the Openhab wiki?

I don’t understand it please can you break it down in simple steps as possible ? I have entered stuff in Items,Sitemap,Cfg file from other sources samples but its not working may be am doing it all wrong I would really appreciate your help thanks

Show us your entered stuff. And take a look in to the /log/openhab.log file for harmony hub entries.

I can’t copy and past the log info has its too big

Sitemap entry

sitemap default label= “Rashid”

sitemap AMA label="AMA"

Frame {
Switch item=Harmony_Activity mappings=[PowerOff=‘Power Off’, APPLETV=‘APPLE TV’, BIGSCREEN=‘BIG SCREEN’] }




String Harmony_Activity “activity [%s]” { harmonyhub="*[currentActivity]" }

harmony hub:host=ipaddress
harmony hub:username=
harmony hub:password=

these entries have been copied and pasted.

openhab log.pdf (100.8 KB)

When I open http://ipaddress:8080/ its empty

I managed to get it working has it was an error in text

I was wondering now how do I add my other items connected to my Harmony Hub

So far I can only switch on/off

also wanted to control volume .