Newbie Intro - sharing my current setup

Hi everyone, greetings from a OH newbie. No better way to introduce myself that sharing what I have for a home automation system. I built my own home back in 2010 and with the (big) help of my son, automated it according to what I wanted. I have a KNX system, a linux server, centralised AV through separate hdmi and audio matrix units with all the IR devices controlled through the Keene IR modules. All this is controlled using OpenRemote which means all the automation can be controlled locally using tablets or remotely through the web. I also have an Elk M1G which I imported from the US and this too is integrated into the automation system through OpenRemote. About two weeks ago I purchased an Amzon Echo and quickly got researching about how to integrate voice commands to control my system. This was when I first introduced myself to OH2 which I installed on the server. I got this up and running relatively easy and through the help of the online community, have managed to get Alexa to operate the simple KNX controlled devices. Moving forward, I would like to find a way of being able to use voice commands to operate my IR devices but this is currently beyond me. Hopefully I can achieve this at some point with the help of the OH online community!



Now it all makes sense. :slight_smile:

For years I’ve heard all about “My dad has…”

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Hi Stuart,

Ah well, we all have our burdens to carry J I didn’t realise you knew Rich until I was at his place helping to commission his Velbus system.

I’d suggest that the pair of you make a great team.

When Rich has ‘finished’ commissioning his setup, I’d be really interested to get your opinion, as you’ve lived and worked with KNX.

Hi Stewart,

Sure thing.



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