Newbie needs help with sitemap and items setup

I just installed OH2 on a RPi. I’ve added a smart switch and have created a rule to turn it on and off at a specified time. So far, so good.

I then started reading the “Beginner” docs and noticed that I needed to create a default.sitemap and default.items file in their respective locations. I have now done that.

I’m completely lost as to what to do next. Any help would be appreciated!


You only have to create a sitemap if you are going to use the Basic/Classic UI. To access your sitemap in the Basic UI, you would access it at :


Of cause you have to have the UI installed (install in Paper UI). I don’t get what the problem is, could you describe in a little more detail what you want to achieve?

Thanks @MartinKo… Thanks for clearing that up for me. If I’m using the Paper UI already then I don’t need to worry about creating a sitemap, correct?

No. PaperUI is for administrative use. You should also install an UI for daily use.

I suggest BasicUI, it’s simple. You can create a basic sitemap with Homebuilder.

Thanks @job… I have walked through the Homebuilder and created my floors, rooms, objects etc.

Question about what to do next, should I generate items and sitemap by clicking those buttons?
Also, should I save in text files or internal database?