Newbie: nothing appearing on Control


I am new to Openhab2 - up to now I’ve been a FHEM user.

I have installed Openhab2 on my Ubuntu system and it looks good. I have added my Hue lamps, Onkyo hifi and Samsung TV to “Things” but I still see nothing at all in “Control” in the paper UI or any other UI (UIs are completely empty). What am I missing?

Thank you!

Did you setup a sitemap?

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yes, though I’m not sure how that should help?? Thank you
sorry if its obvious and I am just not seeing it

I did not mean it that way: if you have a wrong sitemap definition you would not see anything, but should have some errors in the openhab.log
If you did not define a sitemap you should have your items in Classic or BasicUI.
So if nothing works: post your openhab.log.

I am not permitted to upload a .log file so here is a link

I literally installed and then added the Hue, Onkyo and Samsung. I did nothing else as far as I know.
Thakn you for your help

You have a whole bunch of java and framework errors in your log, which Java are you running?
openHAB should run on Oracle Java, not OpenJDK.
Please check that first.

You have the knx binding installed, but no knx config. If you don’t use knx, delete the binding.

Thanks - I’ll try to chenge the Java version. This server has a few other things running on it too (FHEM, Squeezebox server, MySql and more), might be part of the reason for this.

I hope to get KNX working too, so I will probably not uninstall it.

I managed to get the the Hues working by manaully creating Items, but I understand tht this should have happened automatically.

If PaperUI -> Configuration -> System -> Simple Mode is set to ON your items will be created automatically.

If you want to create them manually turn the Simple Mode Switch to OFF.

super, danke!