Newbie openhabian system upgraded to strech, lost sitemap, rules, items

  • Platform information: Razberry pi3
    • OS: _openhabian_2.4.0.1
  • Issue of the topic: please be detailed explaining your issue


I had my Razberry Pi working rock solid for 2 years. All of a sudden the z-Wave didn’t seem to work any more.
I have a backup on a separate SD, so I thought nothing can happen. I looked at and there was some new software, an they said there was many changes, so I thought there might have been an update in background that killed my working system. So I thought- lets update it with Z-Way3.0 which will require stretch.

Little did I know my Backup was not the latest version, however it works. but it is a early version without persistence etc. and missing a lot of things in rules.

After the upgrade Openhab page only had paper ui and habpanel- no other stitemap.
When I look at the files my sitemap is still there. alsom my rules files are all there.

Likely I have done something incredibly dumb- but I don’t seem to find or remember the place where I need to tell it where my sitemap is or how to fix the missing pieces…

Thanks for any hint- again please forgive I seem to have forgotten all about Linux and OH2 - it was just working as intended too long :slight_smile:


I think you might need to install Basic UI. Maybe the back up was from before you had done so and also had added to the rules
Have you restarted OpenHAB?


Also stop openhab clear cache and restart.

Hi both , thanks for your help. I did stop openhab, and used cache-clean command- restart. I found another post how to install basic UI. This is OK now, It shows my sitemap. However now all my things don’t work any more…

should anyone else have same issue: I also needed to reinstall all bindings as well and you need to have expert mode to be able to install bindings and UI, ALso mySQL needed to be fiddled with…