Newbie Problem with things and items files

I’m quite new to OH and would like to learn how to configure the system with .things and .items file. I run OH version 2.4 as docker container in my NAS, and I’m trying to set up the connection to my Nilan Compact P indoor climate system with CTS700 control system.
I start with a very simple config and try to read some data from the device. For Modbus to work I have installed Modbus 2.4 via the paper UI. I then created two files, “Nilan.things” and “Nilan.items”, the contents are posted below:


Bridge modbus:tcp:Nilan [ host="", port=502, id=30, connectMaxTries=3 ] {

	Bridge poller NilanTempRegisters [ start=5162, length=2, refresh=10000, type=“input” ] {
		Thing data input5162 [ readStart=“5162”, readValueType="int16", readTransform="JS(divide10.js)"]
		Thing data input5163 [ readStart=“5163”, readValueType="int16", readTransform="JS(divide10.js)"]

	Bridge poller NilanUserRegisters [ start=4746, length=2, refresh=10000, type=“input” ] {
		Thing data input4746 [ readStart=“4746”, readValueType="int16", readTransform="JS(divide10.js)"]
		Thing data input4747 [ readStart=“4747”, readValueType="int16" ]


Group gNilan			"All Nilan Registers" 	(All)

Number	Nilan_T11_Temperature	"Nilan Water Tank Top [%.2f °C]"			<temperature>	(gNilan)	{channel="modbus:data:Nilan:NilanTempRegisters:input5162:number"}
Number	Nilan_T12_Temperature	"Nilan Water Tank Bottom [%.2f °C]"			<temperature>	(gNilan)	{channel="modbus:data:Nilan:NilanTempRegisters:input5163:number"}

Number	Nilan_UserSetTemp	"Nilan User Set Air [%.1f °C]"		<temperature>	(gNilan)			{channel="modbus:data:Nilan:NilanUserRegisters:input4746:number"}
Number	Nilan_UserSetFanSpeed   "Nilan User Set Ventilation Speed [%d %%]"				<fan>		(gNilan)			{channel="modbus:data:Nilan:NilanUserRegisters:input4747:number"}

When I started the system, I can see all items are loaded but now the things file, I saw the following error in the log:
2019-06-02 17:53:38.547 [WARN ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Configuration model ‘Nilan.things’ has errors, therefore ignoring it: [3,79]: no viable alternative at input ‘“’

I have double and triple checked the things file but couldn’t find any issue there. Any suggestion is appreciated!

I’ll guess it’s the quote marks. We cannot see exactly what is in your files without you using the code fences that the forum provides.
But the left/right ones ‘ ’ are different from simple " ", which are the ones wanted in config files.

Thank you for your quick reply! When I edit with the code fences the problem became obvious - for some reason the quotation around “input” is not correct.

BTW how do people edit those files, is there a code validator with syntax highlight somewhere?

In common use now - VSCode editor with openHAB extension.

Thank you!