Newbie question: Nikobus 1 PC-Link status unknown?


I have installed Openhab 3 on a Raspberry Pi and can connect to a Philips Hue and Unifi system successfully.
I then connected the Pi via a USB to Serial adapter to my Niko PC-Link module 05-200. As far as I can tell (but I have never done this under linux, only on Windows) the device seems connected properly (checked with lsusb, and dmesg tells me ‘pl2303 converter now attached to ttyUSB0’), the openhab user has rw access to /dev/ttyUSB0’ (courtesy of being in group ‘dialout’), and stty of the device tells me ‘speed 9600 baud; line = 0; -brkint -imaxbel’ (which I think is correct??).

I then installed the Nikobus add-on, but when adding a PC-Link thing the status goes from ‘uninitialized’ to ‘unknown’ and I do not know how to troubleshoot further.

Can somebody point me in the right direction ? How can I for example check if the serial settings are indeed ‘Baudrate: 9600/no parity/no handshaking/Number of bits: 8/stopbit: 1’ ?

Thanks, that makes sense. Following your reply I am now trying to get the address to use for one of my 12-port switches or buttons. I set the log level for org.openhab.binding.nikobus to DEBUG hoping to see something pop-up but no luck yet. Are there ways to get addresses of Niko components from within openhab or do I need to get the old Windows configuration app to find adresses there ?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean - could you elaborate more ? It sounds important !

you can ignore my v1 related comment in your case. Do you have nikobus addresses at hand (the ones you see in nikobus software)? otherwise you can get addresses using OH only too …

Ok, thanks, I am not worrying about the v1 comment then :wink:
I managed to get the Niko software going again and found the following addresses there:

  • switch module: 9CA1
  • one of the switches (a single on/of switch): 1B1D84

Following another post I tried to add the Switch Module in OH using as address A19C but now it also has a status unknown (and the debug log isn’t saying much apart from ‘Refreshing channel ‘output-1’ skipped since it is not linked’. Maybe my address trick didn’t work ??

Forgot to mention: I didn’t try to add the button yet because I couldn’t understand how to get the OH address from the Niko address. Per your initial reply maybe this is needed for the bridge and switches to become out of the unknown state and have something to do :wink:

If nikobus software shows 9CA1 then you have to use A19C as the address within OH. I would focus in setting up a single module first. Can you try setting log level to TRACE and share the logs here?

Btw - you still need to bind a channel of the module before you’ll move from UNKNOWN state …

Many thanks, that did the trick and I was now able to add buttons etc. !!!

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