Newbie question - problem getting Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5+ to work

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+, Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5+

openHAB 3.0.0

  • Configuration folder
  • User data folder
  • Logs folder
  • Operating system
    Linux/5.4.79-v7+ (arm)
  • Java Runtime
    Azul Systems, Inc.
    11.0.9 (Zulu11.43+88-CA)

I am having trouble getting my new Aeotec Z-Stick to work properly. Why does it want to add my Z-Stick twice? See pictures below. What am I doing wrong?

Any help much appreciated…


And here is 2nd picture (only allowed to post one at a time…):

It’s not. When you go to add a Thing it will show you a list of all the Things you can add manually, which for Zwave means the Controller Things, and lets you scan for devices that can be automatically discovered. You can have more than one Zwave controller plugged into a single openHAB instance and in that case you would manually create a Zwave Serial Controller Thing for each one of them.

But if you’ve only one Controller, than you only create the one Thing for the controller. Then come back and click the Scan button to discover the rest of the devices.

Correct, you only want one. Only one of them can connect to the serial device at a time. Delete the one that didn’t connect and refrain from creating any more.

Thank you for reply. I reinstalled and used the older Z-Stick Gen5 (with no +) and it seems to work better. Not sure what happened…