Newbie question; vizualisation status of switch

I’m trying to move from Domoticz to OH3 and spend quite some time on figuring out some things. For now OH looks more complicated than Domoticz to me. One thing which is bothering for some time now is that I haven’t been able to find an (easy) way to display the current status of a switch. Domoticz provided that out of the box, a switch in state On is colored.
Within OH I have now configured a switch on a page as a cell with action: “Toggle” it doesn’t toggle in “Run mode”, it only switches state to “On”, but doesn’t indicate the state. While using the same cell/button in HABPanelViewer on an Android phone it does toggle but doesn’t show the status. When configuring the cell with an action “Group detail” and “Group popup items”, while in “Run mode” it still is only able to switch to “On”, but the color is changed, while at the same time on the phone it toggles and states the status by coloring the switch.
Am I doing something wrong or did I miss something.