Newbie Questions

Hey Guys

New here and to this whole automation thing, so excuse my ignorance if any of these questions have been answered before.

After some time I finally managed to install OpenHAB on my RaspberryPi3

I currently have these devices that I would ideally like to setup with OpenHAB

  • Blink: Home Security Camera System
  • TP Link -Smart Wi-Fi Plug HS100

Has anyone used these before and managed to successfully get them to work with OpenHAB? I have been googling a lot and trying to figure it out but no luck.

I did install another OS - Home Assistant (hassbian) on another SD Card and I managed to get these devices working with that very easily.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @vlad_aus! Welcome!

It looks like there isn’t a binding for either of these devices yet. Someone may correct me if I’m wrong.

Although the TP LINK is fairly simple device. You could get that up and running with the exec binding and pointing the command to a linux script: e.g: this one. and using command="/usr/bin/sh on" bound to a switch.

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There seems to be a workaround with the exec binding:

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I did see that link earlier but none of it really made sense to me unfortunately as there was bits and pieces of information rather than a step by step guide. Also some of the links in that thread seem to no longer work

I will have to look into that to see if I can figure it out :blush: thanks

Figured out the TP Link Smart Plugs, Thank you all


Now other users may wait for your step by step guide :grinning:

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Step 1
Downloaded JAR File from

Step 2
I placed the JAR file in my Add Ons folder of the Open Hab

Step 3
Went to Inbox on Paper UI and the Binding showed up automatically.

Step 4
When I clicked on the binding the Smart Plugs were automatically discovered



Good find @vlad_aus, apologies for missing that earlier! Glad you have it sorted!

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