Newbie - Starting my DIY project: shopping list


I am going to start my first project with openHAB and I need to get the required HW… I need to admit that I am excited like a little kind on Xmas eve!

Just to start, my goal is to “make smart” an existing old Alarm System, by connecting some I/O relay to a nodeMCU (ESP8266) and then use openHAB to activate/deactivate and monitor the status…

As newbie, I’m absolutely “incompetent” in HW (my background is more SW/Solutions) and I would like to validate with this amazing community my shopping list:

  • RPi3 B+ (including Power cable and Case) -> is it better to go for a “fancier” case with fans ?

  • microSD for RPi OS -> which size would you recommend ?

  • noceMCU -> ** does it required a power cable/adapter ? **

Now the fun part :slight_smile: : what else do you think I need? my thoughts says:

Many thanks all!

Please do us a favour: we are all here waiting to answer your questions, but PLEASE ask them only once:

Sorry… i am excited about this project and I might have doubled posted… starting with a topic and ending up asking so many other questions :stuck_out_tongue:

We can probably close this post… sorry again…

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topic followed up here: Retrofit Wireless Alarm System