Newbie struggling to get Openhab running

Hello all,

I have installed Openhab on a Raspberry pi. I have also downloaded the Demo setup, but I noticed that many fields appear blank. Also, I tried the Nest binding. It works (I can set home and away from Openhab and the Nest is updated), but again many fields show as blank (-). I have been removing / simplifying the setup, trying to troubleshoot where the problem comes from and I ended up with only NTP. Again, the date shows blank.
I’m now blocked, I have no ideas. Any help would be appreciated. My current config:

file openhab.cfg:

file ntp.items:
DateTime Date “Date [%1$tA, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]” (Status) { ntp="" }

file ntp.sitemap:
sitemap example
Text item=Date

The result is:

Can anybody provide any guidance? I’m lost. With this reduced setup, I can’t see any log messages either.

Many thanks in advance.

In case it helps, I have cleaned up the addons folder. I only have:

you need to set the binding e.g. like DateTime Date "Date [%1$tA, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]" (Status) { ntp="Europe/Berlin:de_DE" }

Thanks for your reply. I had already tried that, but I had removed it in my troubleshooting process because the ntp binding wiki says it will default. I have tried again, setting file ntp.items just as you mention, no joy. I have also changed all files in openhab chmod 777, in case it could be permissions issue. Again no luck.
As I already mentioned before, following the Nest binding example in the wiki, only the “home/away” changing worked.

Either I’m missing something very evident and stupid or my installation is seriously wrong somewhere (installed with apt-get, btw), but I can’t sort it out.

Thanks again!!

Ah. Maybe is the wrong URL, try as is a pool of ntp servers

Does it help to change your file ntp.sitemap to contain:

sitemap ntp
  Text item=Date

(so the sitemap and file names match)?

I know the ntp is a pool, I use the same server on all my networking equipment without a single issue. I tried also the default server and the one you suggested. I also tried Watou’s suggestion. No luck.

I did a quick install on a windows computer and copied all configuration files from the raspberry. Hop! It worked even before I could notice. This confirms I have something wrong with my install.

I’m not a Linux newbie anymore, as I have used Linux based routers and the raspberry for quite some time, but here I’m obviously missing something. I’ll reformat the Raspbian and reinstall from scratch, following the wiki instructions step by step.Luckily I only have to install Openhab and Kodi on this SD, so it will be quite fast.

I’ll let you all know of any findings.