Newer samsung tvs binding?

(Dario) #1

I’ve tried the current samsung tv binding, and with my tv the only thing it manages to do is get updates on the current volume level, and a heck of a lot of unsupported polling.

I’ve also researched a bit the samsung site, going by the surface of the information on their APIs, apparently they’ve made big changes with how it all works while implementing new versions of tizen in the2016/17 series, so much so that they’ve split the documentation in 2. i’m guessing the OH binding was built around their old system.

Since sifting through the forum it also seems as though there are quite a bit of us samsung smart tv users, i’ve had an idea - but me being almost illetterate in programming, before taking action, i’d prefer someone more knowledgeable validating it (or maybe there is already a binding in the works that i’ve missed entirely?).

There is aguy who has this project on github (can see it working in this post )

in my understanding he has programmed a bridge, that (unelss it uses crazy amounts of ram) could have the alexa part removed, installed on the same machine as openhab and have an mqtt interface polled/commmanded in localhost.

I was going to send him a message, but i’m afraid i am imagining things - so- am i?

i found another post of his
Warning!!! Samsung sent a firmware update out on 10/25/18 that blocks the way this app controls your tv. Any 2014 model or newer may not work depending on model and firmware version (Mine stopped working at firmware 1250)
so yeah - i guess they want to try an leverage tvs to push bixby -.-