Next update add-on Homekit?

who can update me on the development of official Homekit upgrade?
There are several issues dated old, there are problems (shutter, contacts, etc. …)
Who is that saint who could give “a stroke of life to Homekit :grin::grin:” updating him?
Actual use 2.4.0 M5
Thank you for the fantastic work you are doing


That would be @beowulfe if I am correct. I know from reading forums and GH that he has been working on it. Not sure what his progress is though. I do know that they were waiting on some things to be decided in the ESH framework, which was holding him up. They had to decide how to handle some things in the framework first, then he would be able to implement into the HomeKit Add-on. That held him up for a very long time. Plus, like all of the folks contributing, they have their own lives and jobs!

As a side note, if there is any way I can help @beowulfe, please let me know! I am working on familiarizing myself with Java more and more (slowly working/ struggling on a new binding at the moment).

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Thanks for the reply, I understand very well “private life and work”
I read several posts on the very long and hard work for ESH.
@beowulfe I follow him, he works a month ago, this is the link:

I am thrilled with all the work done for Openhab, and I hope that Homekit also gets the same level, I hope that @beowulfe can take time to solve and elevate Homekit.
I’m available for testing, if @beowulfe puts us in a new beta.
I think so many users are waiting

Definitely a lot of folks eagerly awaiting. That is for sure.

And yep, that’s him ha. I saw his work in early October as well. I’m hoping that as I get better with Java and ESH, that I can help with some of this stuff. I have a lot of experience with software on a design and conceptual level from work, but I have about 15 engineers that handle the actual dev work for us… meaning that I have a lot of room for improvement!