NextGen Floorplan interface

Here is a showcase of the new multifloor (maybe eventually multibuilding) interface I’m working on. This is currently just a POC (proof of concept) with basic integration to OH3 and mostly hardcoded. It works both standalone running from the OH static html folder or in a webframe of mainUI. I’m looking for some feedback and suggestions.

A short video walkthroughout is here


Wow, that would be great. I now use a tabbed page with a tab for each floorplan of the floors I have defined. Looking forward to see this implemented!

Awesome, thanks for the work.

I’d really would like some sort of widget or recursive floors. For example, I have a Whirlpool in the garden and I’d like to ‘zoom in’ into this.

That was the idea for the next step to be able to add a flag to the svg/area → room or any polygon really that selecting it makes it “zoom into it a bit” so the sensor read out or widget would be bigger and nicely placed.

For that proof od concept floorplan I only have temp/humidity but for other rooms I have a bigger environmental sensor with 5 parameters ( light/presence/PM10/temp setpoint) and 2 to 4 fancoil heaters that have 3 speeds of the fan and heating valve on of) That would not work without zoom.

Unfortunately the customer did not buy the POC and the development slowed down significantly, waiting for better times.