Nexus Player with Openhab

Anyone able to control a nexus player with openhab? So far i can use my Roku via CURL commands. I can control my TV with my ZMOTE. However the Google Nexus Player is a different monster all together. IT seems like there is a released API, but the connection method is complicated(at least for me).

Has anyone out there ever tried to automate a google nexus player via openhab?



Does it appear as a Chromecast device? IIRC its a AndroidTV device so it should be a chromecast device also…
…but the CC binding is limited in many ways…probably compared to what you can do with your Roku…

Yeah its a CC device…you’re right that won’t work though.
I knew google released the source for it, but I’m no engineer…just seeing if anyone else tried messing with it.