Ng-repeat based on config.VALUE

Hi guys,

this drives me crazy. Wasted already a few hours to get it right. Hope you can help.
Btw: my overall goal is to provide a key value pair inside the habpanel widget configuration. like command=label, command2=label2 and use this with ng-repeat. As you can see below I tried with json string to be on the safe side, but even this doesn’t work 100% for me with the current implementation:

This works:

Result (ignore that it’s ugly):


Result (ng-repeat does not run correctly):


can you please move this thread to “Apps and Services - HABpanel” ?





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your config.TEST here is a string, not an object so it can’t work like this.

Try $eval() like shown here: Parse JSON to use in HabPanel it should still work.

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thanks, will give it a try