Ng-repeat crashes Layout

I want to use ng-repeat in some template-Widget. Everything works fine, but it crashes my other layout (dummy-, Slider- and
dummy Widgets are not centered

everything ok without template-widget

Graph height is false and slider weight

everything ok without template-widget

I simplified the templates as much as I can, but the layout-errors are still there… They disapear if i remove “ng-repeat”.

Any ideas?

Used Template Code:

<div ng-repeat="(id, item) in $eval(itemState('NR_Nina'))">
  <img src="/static/nina/{{}}.svg"/>
  <span ng-style="{ color: ({{}}=='ALERT') ? 'orange' : 'white' }">{{}}</span>
  <span>{{item.detail.sent | date:'dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm'}}</span>