Ng-repeat with <img> tag, in a Widget, generated an unexpected image scr path


I have created my own widget to control Daikin devices.
In this widget I have several blocks of code like this one (loops to display images) :

    <button ng-repeat="index in [1,2,3,4,5]" class="..." title="..." style= "..." ng-click="..." >
      <img ng-if="..." src="/somepath/image_{{index}}_on.png" />
      <img ng-if="! ..." src="/somepath/image_{{index}}_off.png" />

Something really weird is that the browser tries to access once the url “somepath/image_{{index}}_off.png” without replacing {{index}} by a value (and obviously, it does get a 404)

I guess it’s more an angular js issue than an openHab issue. But I presume also that people creating Widgets have experience with that and can maybe help me (me = really newbie regarding angular).

Any idea what I do wrong ?


Just in case… My actual code is here: Custom Widget : Daikin Wifi Controler

And here was can see that it results in incorrect paths

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