NGRE dayset missing handler

I have created a new rule in the NGRE and am using the dayset condition. I am getting an error in the logs:

f96ac94a-d014-46ab-ba20-013104ee9d20 updated: UNINITIALIZED (HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR): Getting handler 'ephemeris.WeekdayCondition' for module '3' failed: Config parameter 'offset' is missing in the configuration of module '3'.

I have set the offset to “0” in paper ui…

@rlkoshak, the god of the NGRE?

The item name suggest you have simple mode turned on. Save yourself a big headache by turning this off so you can give each item a proper name that matches it’s description.

Not sure about the NGRE issue.

Simple mode is turned off…all the items are created in files.

Hardly, I’ve only used JSONDB Rules a little bit and honestly do not recommend their general use until OH 3 comes out.

Have you configured Ephemeris? It’s under Configuration -> System. Make sure you set the weekend days and supply your country and region (and city if applicable, if there is no drop down list there isn’t a valid city to enter).

If PaperUI won’t let you select both weekend days you may have to configure it in text files. See

There are a bunch of bugs in PaperUI, one of which might even be that the dayset condition may itself just be broken. But it for sure won’t work if ephemeris isn’t configured correctly.

Yes sir, I have done the above.

Although, I may be switching to google calendar…

Google calendar works like a charm!

I think we are facing a bug here. May I ask you to file an issue here? Thanks.

Why? First of all the offset is not required it should not throw an exception at all. The code checks on the value for instanceof Integer. This is not sufficient. We should consider other numerical types too.

Done sir, thank you.