NGRE python use room and floor information

Is there an easy way to access the location information of an item within NGRE python, which I already set for habot in my configuration:

I have configured my location groups and items following the HABot Walkthrough in this community forum and using the python with Helper Libraries:

Location is defined using a Group. A Group, whether it is being used by HABot or for some other purpose is the same. It’s just a Group.

First you must get your Item:

myItem = ir.getItem("My_Item")

Then get the list of Groups it belongs to and see if it’s a member of the Group that represents the location.


Thanks for your reply. But isn’t it possible to automatically check whether the Group is a room and although the hierachy above whether there is Floor Group above and so on?

Automatically? No. But you can get what Group an Item is a member of and you can get what Items are members of a given Group.


There is absolutely nothing special about the Groups that HABot uses. They are just regular plain old Groups.

But the groups that HABot uses are tagged? So I can parse that groups on rules init and later check whether items inside this lists. I will try this.

Thanks again