NHC2 connection

Does someone knows How to connect OH to an Niko home controler 2?
I See a lot of information but didn’t find the solution.
I’m new with OH and I try to use the add for NHC fill in the ip-addres but get no connection.
Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the community!

It will help if you provide more info about what OH is running on, what OH version you have, etc…

Thanks for reading before just posting as most question have been answered in some form or fashion. Warning, your eyes may be bleeding by the time
you have the solution.:laughing:

I do not use this binding but proving a snapshot of PaperUI setting used or the config file would help.

@KronemanD It would help if you can describe what you already did.
Are you running the 2.5 release version of openHAB with the included version of the binding? Or are you trying to get it working with the development version I created?
In any case, you do not need to put in an IP address if you allow the controller to be discovered. In PaperUI, look in the inbox and accept the bridge thing proposed to you. You then have to set the parameters on the just accepted bridge thing (token for the dev version, or touch profile and password for the release version). That should trigger discovery of all things in your controller, again visible in the inbox. Accept what you want.
All of this is documented in the binding documentation.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for feedback.
I’ve dowloaded 2.5 and in the first try i use the included binding.
After that i search in the community for a solution and found and older developed version from you.
This morning i see that you have uploaded a newer version (22 dec) and this one is now connected with the hardware and find also all items