Nibe Heatpump Binding 2.3 not showing up in Paper UI

I found the nibe heatpump binding here: but it doesn’t show in Paper UI when I am trying to add a new binding. I made sure Access Remote Repository was enabled in configuration -> Settings (not sure if it matters thou). I have also tried adding package = standard and remote = true to addons.cfg.

I installed the binding by adding org.openhab.binding.nibeheatpump-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar ( to the addons folder but I am curious why it doesn’t show up when searching for it in the Paper UI, any ideas?

If you installed the jar file and restarted OH then the binding should be installed. You won’t find it in the addon’s but you will see it in Configuration> bindings, along with all the other bindings that have been installed.

Yes the installation went fine I am just curious about why it didn’t show up in Paper UI -> Add-ons -> BINDINGS so I instead had to manually download and install it.

I am running openHAb on my Synology NAS, this version: openHAB-

Because it’s a snapshot binding. OH addon binding found in PaperUI are tested and good. Other binding you may install like the snapshot are not guaranteed to work without issue, but mostly they do.

@jaman42 also here is the latest 2.4 snapshot jar (Oct 15) if the older one doesn’t work.$org.openhab.binding.nibeheatpump/

Thanks, I thought bindings that showed up under all were available in the Paper UI.

Can’t explain that one.:thinking:

I did look to see if there’s an official 2.3 binding and here it is this is not a snapshot so should be good. BTW you should only need the jar file, 9th one down.

Thanks, I’ll try that one and leave the other issue mysterious for now :slight_smile: