Nibe Heatpump Binding for f730

I tried using the Nibe Heatpump Binding for the Nibe f730. This heatpump is not in the list and officially supported but most of the registers are the as for the Nibe f750.
Unfortunately I do not receive any data…
Is there a check in the binding about the type of the Nibe. I am wondering if it should work…
The 2nd question: I did not put all registers in the LOG.set. This is not a must, isn’t it?

My configuration looks like this:
nibeheatpump:f750-serial:myPump [serialPort="/dev/ttyUSB0", sendAckToMODBUS40=false, enableReadCommands=true]

I use the MODBUS40. I also tried with the Modbus Binding. This is working. But I do not want to add each value and would like to use the Nibe Heatpump Binding directly.

@pauli_anttila: may you could support me?