Nibe Uplink REST API Binding


This binding connects to the Nibe Uplink public REST API to get current information about, and change some settings on your connected Nibe Heatpump. The binding is compatible with OpenHAB 3.1 and later.

This uses a different method of obtaining data than the official Nibe uplink binding, instead of interfacing with the Nibe uplink website, this version uses Nibe’s official 3rd party REST API. This makes it work different in a couple of ways:

  • It uses OAuth for authentication, which makes it a bit more difficult to set up, but you don’t need to provide your credentials to anyone other than Nibe.
  • It supports autodiscovery of any connected systems once the Bridge is set up
  • You can connect a thermostat to your heatpump via OpenHAB, which can increase/decrease the water flow temperature based on the measured temperature and optionally a setpoint
  • It doesn’t allow to change arbitrary settings on your heatpump, only a limited set is available (due to constraints in the api)

See the documentation for more details


Source code


Version 1.0

Initial Add-on Marketplace release



What about the official binding?

Is it the same binding?

No it’s not the same. This version uses Nibe’s official rest API for 3rd party integrations, whereas the official binding uses the API that the nibe uplink web page gets data from. Unfortunately, me and the developer of the already included binding couldn’t agree on a way to merge them into one, and having two different bindings for the same service didn’t seem like a good idea. Me and a few other users prefer this integration, so when the marketplace was launched I uploaded it here. If this breaks the marketplace rules i can remove it.

That is clearly a pity to not have found a solution to have only one binding.

@ysc : is it compliant with the marketplace rules?

At least you should mention what is the difference with the official binding.

Agreed that would be the minimum. Also a link to the source code is required.

As for whether is it acceptable in the marketplace… it’s a tough one. Maybe the rest of @staff can comment. It seems different because it uses another protocol but the end goal seems to be the same.

That’s unfortunate, the way I see it, most of the time when you have multiple versions (outside the temporary beta versions await review), it seems to be because of interpersonal drama. The marketplace is not meant as a way to circumvent fruitful collaboration, causing users to have to decide which one is the “best” among multiple alternatives of the same thing - and they don’t need to know (or care, really) how it came to be.

If they are in the know, then of course they’re free to install what suits them best (there are alternatives to the community marketplace to install an add-on), but since the marketplace is featured by default in the UI and a lot of openHAB users don’t visit this forum, it would only cause confusion.

I don’t know if it’s feasible, but why couldn’t the two of you be co-owners of the Nibe binding? You would work in your own Java packages, not sharing any code, and the thing type labels would clearly state which ones are related to which protocol, and the doc would clearly explain that they are two protocols to address the heat pump, with the pros/cons of each. It doesn’t solve the “confusion” problem but at least there would be only a single binding.

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This I can most certainly do. Edit: Done!

I agree, you can see the discussion we had in this thread. After that I decided to just use my version for my self, but was later asked by a couple of other users who were interested in using this integration.

It might be doable to just have separate packages side by side in the same binding, but at least the xml files would have to be merged, no? It could probably be done if one takes care to not have any duplicate channel-uids etc.

As said above, if you feel this is not a good fit for the marketplace I can remove it.

I’m getting a Failed Install on this Binding, just upgraded to OH3.2

Does it show any additional errors in the logs?

No, just the ‘Failed Install’ in de Addons Marketplace. I did have the old version installed, but that didn’t work any more (3.2 upgrade). Forced deleted the Thing, but still unable to install the new version.

Have you made sure that the old version is deleted from the addons directory and isn’t listed when you run bundle:list in the console?

If it fails to install at all, this isn’t due to the binding, but something that prevents the marketplace from downloading or installing the bundle.

Thanks, that was the, some leftovers showed in the bundle list and after uninstalling them via the console, I could install the new version via Marketplace

Many Thanks!

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Have now migrated to OH3.2 on Docker and installed this binding. Thanks for you good work!