Nibegw doesnt set the IP adress

Hi everyone, I’ve got the nibegw compiled and it seems that everything is up and running.
Unfortunately when I connect the ETH shield to the Uno and plug it to my router, the ethernet link is detected, but I can not see an IP address on the router nor I can ping it.

This is my config.h
#define BOARD_MAC “DD-4D-38-5C-1C-77”
#define BOARD_IP “”
#define DNS_SERVER “”
#define GATEWAY_IP “”
#define NETWORK_MASK “”

Beside the fact, that the nibegw does not provide the IP adress to the router.
And this is how I connect it, but the SMO40 still alert me with a Modbus error

I do not see any place, where actually the IP is set in this Arduino project file. Can somebody enlighten me here?

How do I access the debug messages if eth is not connected`?

Sorry, this is out of openHAB’s scope. You’d better ask in an arduino or Nibegw community.