Nibegw on RPI zero2w not detected

Hi! Im trying to setup nibegw on my rpi, connected to a Nibe F730.
Im actually trying to communicate with Home Assistant rather than openHAB in this case, but maybe you guys could spot some issues I dont?

As far as I can see my nibegw is up and running, but I cant get the Home Assistant integration to recognize it.
Any clues if there is an issue with the nibegw-part in all this?
Not sure why the “Recv-Q” is built up on nibegw´s UDP Write port?
Just asking if everything looks ok on the nibegw-side or if you can spot a mis-config?
thanks in advance!



I see now that my pump is red and giving a modbus alarm. I guess for some reason the nibegw is not ACK the Nibe F730 correctly? connected to the Recv-Q maybe?