NibeHeatPump binding register settings differs from firmware version (F750)


first of all I want to thank the author(s) of this great binding incl. the Arduino code.
I have struggeled a long way to find a solution for automating my Nibe HeatPump F750 and openhab and this binding did the job even for non-heatpump-professionals.

After realizing a lot of information grabbing I have recognized that (at least) one value (operatinal mode) doesn’t work. By looking for a reason I have found the documentation in the old openhab1 binding regarding the registers of the F750:

F750 Registers from openhab1

By comparing the register for the operational mode I could see that they are different. (47570 instead of 47137)
On the first line of the documentation the Nibe ModbusManager Version ist shown: 1.0.8.

I have installed the Nibe ModbusMonager for creating the LOG.SET and it has the version 1.0.9 which delivers the same registers (47137) for operational mode as the actual openhab2 Nibeheatpump binding.

So I have modified the binding in my local installation and put the new jar file in the addons folder. Now I am able to read (and modify) the operational mode register.

It seems that the firmware version of the F750 either needs to be updated or the binding might not work properly. I have no clue right now which version of the heatpump corresponds to which version of the ModbusManager.
I am not familiar to updating the heatpump (and I am not sure if the technicians that supports the heatpump are familiar with this) so this is not the first option for me.

Therefore my question regarding this binding is:

  • Has somebody a good idea how to handle this?
  • Is it a good idea to deploy a firmware based thing (F750-ModbusManager1.0.8) or
  • could it be done within the current thing as a variable that needs to be defined?

This is as well for other users that uses the new binding with an old firmware version it might cause hassles by enabling writing and inadvertently writing values to the wrong register.

It would be great if somebody could help me on this “issue”. Unfortunately are my Java skill far too low to do this by myself. I am able to change the relevant registers in the code an recompile it but I am far far away from adding new things/channels or adding configuration switches.

Best regards

Hej Sven
Welcome to the openHAB community.
I’m owning a nibe heat pump as well, though a 320 one. The update of the firmware in this one is super simple done via a usb card and nibe encourages users to do this themselves I’ don’t know your model and the difficulty to update, but for me it sounds an update like the fist option.

That nobody has replied to your post might be, that they haven’t seen it.
I would suggest that you mention the author of the nibe modbus binding , if you need help with the binding code. Just write an @… like this @sqw
(Truly I dont quit understand whether you want help to adapt the binding for your case or want a bit of java code to interpret data from the binding )

Hej Martin,

thanks for your reply and mentioning the right way to address this to the author. And I agree: My statement isn’t very clear :wink:

Will try to improve this in the next post.

Best regards Sven

Hej @pauli_anttila,

I am using the NibeHeatPump binding which is really a great piece of work.

I recognized that Nibe has changed the registers from an older firmware version (1.0.7) to that one (1.0.9) you are using in your bindings csv files.

Might it be a good idea to note the firmware specific registers in the binding documentation as it could cause hassle with the heatpump by writing wrong registers?

And: Do you have an idea how to get register sets for older firmware version (the Nibe ModbusManager doesn’t have it afaik)?

Best regards