NIE zw97 detects as zw96

Confirmed fixed as of Version 2.5.7 snapshot build #48.

I’m using the 2.5.7 #44 snapshot build of the binding.
I have a EVA LOGIK branded Nietech ZW97 Two-Channel Outdoor Smart Plug. The binding is detecting it as ZW96, the One-Channel version of the same product. Both products are in the database: ZW96, ZW97. The XML in my userdata does have the correct manufacturer, type, and ID for ZW97, so I’m at a loss why the binding insists this is the other model. Any suggestions on how I can get this to detect correctly? Is there maybe a bug in the database?


I created an account to ask this question, so I’m not allowed to attach the full XML. If you need additional parts of it to debug this, just ask and I can post them.

It seems that initially the database had both types defined against the ZW96. Someone changed this a couple of months back, but never requested for this to be reviewed, so it was never added to the binding. I’ve now approved this so it will be added in the next update.

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Thanks, Chris!

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