Niko home control 2 items not showing correctly on iPhone home app

did a full install already for testing and everything worked but suddenly strange behaviour.

on my Mac when logging on to the openhab server everything works ( lights, shutters, etc) and can turn everything on.

on my iPhone Home app, everything i put in is visible as 1 Room and 1 Light, (same for the shutters).
so if I turn the light on, every light in the house turns on.

Did a fresh install already but always the same output. kinda stuck here

Any thoughts?

You shoe HomeBuikder but what does it look like in theBadic UI? Home Builder just builds a sitemap for the Basic UI operations interface. The Paper UI is just to administer OH.

thats the Basic UI.

And click on the sitemap link. The app display is based on the Basic UI configuration.

when I click it I get this

that’s why I don’t get it, like this everything works

@geani So it looks like your items are visible and work in paperUI (used for configuration) basicUI. The issue is with the homekit configuration. I don’t use Homekit myself, but here is the documentation: Homekit documentation

Is that a new iPhone?

Not new.

The thing is that I had it configure right and everything was working

But then rebooted my pi and nothing works anymore


There was a notice in the upgrade docs about HomeKit and tags did you read it?

If not here they are:

Breaking Changes in Add-ons

DarkSky Binding

The item type of ‘rain’ and ‘snow’ channels have been changed to ‘Number:Speed’.

EnOcean Binding

Channel ‘receivingState’ has been removed, because this was a string containing many information. For this, there are three new channels: ‘rssi’, ‘repeatCount’ and ‘lastReceived’.


Some tags have been renamed. Old names will not be supported in future versions. Please check documentation.

LGWebOS Binding

The binding parameter ‘localIP’ has been removed. The binding now uses system defaults for network communication. The thing type parameter ‘deviceId’ is no longer a parameter, but a property. Parameters ‘host’ and ‘key’ have been added.

MQTT Binding

Homie channel names may have changed if special characters are used for MQTT topic names.

OneWire Binding

The thing types ms-th and ms-tv have been marked deprecated and will be updated to ms-tx automatically.
The thing types counter2 , digitalio , digitalio2 , digitalio8 , ibutton , temperature have been marked deprecated and will be updated to basic automatically.

Please note that auto-upgraded things keep their thing UID including the deprecated thing type .

Manually (via textual configuration) defined things need to be changed to ms-tx or basic respectively.

Deprecated thing types will be removed with the next official release.

OpenSprinkler Binding

The stationXX channels have been removed and replaced by a bridge/thing combination. See documentation for further information.

OpenSprinkler Binding

The Pi interface was removed, as it does not provide all of the features of the binding anymore. Please use the HTTP interface instead.

senseBox Binding

The senseBox binding is now using Units of Measurements, and the channel name for Illuminance has changed. The Items must be reconfigured.

Somfytahoma Binding

The following channels have been renamed: ‘cyclic_button_state’ to ‘cyclic_button’, ‘battery_status_state’ to ‘battery_status’ and ‘lighting_led_pod_mod_state’ to ‘lighting_led_pod_mode’.

Systeminfo Binding

The ‘cpu#load’ channel has been removed because the OSHI library no longer provides this information.

TP-Link Smart Home Binding

The energy and rssi channels are now using Units of Measurements. Items must be adapted and the things must be recreated.

Tesla Binding

The binding has been heavily refactored. It is required to delete old Tesla Things and set them up from scratch.

Vitotronic Binding

The following channels have been renamed: ‘outsite_temp’ to ‘outside_temp’, ‘pelletburner:power’ to ‘pelletburner:powerlevel’, ‘party_temp’ to ‘party_temp_setpoint’ and ‘save_temp’ to ‘save_temp_setpoint’

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maybe someone can post what they configured on PaperUi (configurations) I think I’m messing something up with my mqtt settings

before I had only 1 mqtt broker but there always 2 or even 3 , and if I remove them they come back!

So finally found out wat was the problem

if you build everything through PaperUi and Homebuilder it puts everything in 1 group ( Don’t know why they would do this)
so all the light turned on simultaneously and only one icon,

so started from scratch and created my own .things file and know everything works as planned :slight_smile:

me happy :smiley: