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@Mherwege @beowulfe
no in niko app i am not able to go to certain % i can go up and down ans stop or pause . i can program NIKO rollershuter on time. i have setting that open to close take 21 sec. i can add some position with time.

it is possible to implement ?

it could be also fine without this but programed task in NIKO for rotate blinds crash after distributing in homekit . i have also this task from niko in my Paper UI working fine
but when i distribute this task to homekit with switachable tag all my device in apple homekit on my devices frozen and not responding . after this i need to delete this from homekit and all is working again

(Mark Herwege) #143

First, the fact that your programmed action does not work in homekit, but does work in paperUI sounds like a problem with the homekit transport to me. Maybe you can help debugging it with some logs. I won’t be much of a help there though.

Secondly, there might be a way for me to simulate percentages in the binding by coding some logic in the binding to start and stop at certain intervals. I expect this will be approximate as openHAB is not a realtime system, but probably good enough. I would need to get the total time to open/close from somewhere and do a calculation with current position and target position.
To get an idea if I can extract it from the binding communication, I would need some debug logs from the binding. I am specifically interested in:

  • startup of the binding (is the time to fully open/close encoded somewhere?)
  • log when you stop a rollershutter from paperUI midway (I want to see the NHC feeback on the position)
  • log when you try to set a percentage position from openHAB (what does my current assumption result in?)
    Can you identify one rollershutter and indicate the total opening/closing time for it?
    If I code something, it will require full testing, something I cannot do myself as I don’t have rollershutters. So be prepared to spend some time testing and giving feedback.

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Thanks a lot i will send you all data you need for troubleshooting. also @extric99 have same problem, so both of as can send it to you information’s you need.

i will be back tomorrow so we can start

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ok i am ready
how can i get a log for you ?

(Mark Herwege) #146

@Serrrano Just send me a direct message with the log.

(Christophe) #147

@Mherwege I am waiting for a new SD to arrive as I want to reinstall my test system. I will try to generate some logs this weekend when I am back home.

Did anyone already upgrade their controller to the new version and validate that the binding still works?I have a v1 controller and I am considering buying a 2nd hand v1 controller just as a backup to be sure I can continue to use OpenHab if mine would break.

(Mark Herwege) #148

@extric99 @Serrrano
I have created a new version of the binding with an attempt to make percentageType with rollershutters work. It is based on some assumptions and expected behaviour from my side, so no guarantees it does work. I would like to ask you to try this out with debug logging enabled and let me know how it behaves. Please try up, down, stop and percentage. You can then send me the debug logs to improve on this.
This binding version will only run with a recent 2.3 snapshot release as it relies on some changes in core functionality that were not available in 2.2.
I will create a pull request to update the distribution binding as soon as it is stable.
You can find the binding here.

(Christophe) #149

@Mherwege I sent the logs in a direct message. Let me know if this was done correctly or I need to retest

(Christophe) #150

@Serrrano The latest beta version of the binding that Mark prepared is now working and allows to enter percentages. It would be great if you could also test it and tell me if you have the same issue I have regarding the inversed values. Openhab reports the blinds as open while they are closed and vice versa. The binding today has no option to inverse so it would be good to understand if is something that should be configurable or the change should be hardcoded in the binding. The issue present itself with the icon on the sitemap. Some info you can find here.

(serrrano) #151

Yes i will be back tomorrow and i will test it and send feed back
sorry for delay

(Mark Herwege) #152

@Serrrano @extric99 I have added an invert flag to the rollershutter thing and inverted the standard behavior. I have also (I hope) improved the behavior of events and commands to rollershutters when the rollershutters are already moving. All of this requires extensive testing, as I cannot do it myself (no rollershutters in my setup).
I have added trace level logging for rollershutters, so if something does not work as expected, turn on trace logging for Niko Home Control and provide me the log with comments on what exactly you have tried.
The current development binding jar can be found here:

(Christophe) #153

For people wanting to test, best to skip this version as there a bug in it preventing the rollershutter to execute a command.

I can confirm that the open/closed state is now fixed and openhab is reflecting the state of the rollershutter perfectly.

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@extric99 @Mherwege
i have installed it but i need to test it little be more .
it seems that all is working i made a command and in paper UI is everything changed alsi in homekit but when i look in NIKO home control blinds are in same position without change.
i am not home right now i will go back afternoon and i send you info whats happened

(Mark Herwege) #155

@serrrano @extric99 I just loaded a new version. Please test with that one. I did correct some errors with the previous version, but the nature of the changes is such that it is very sensitive to the sequence of messages between Niko and openHAB. So I it may still not work. Anyway, a trace log should give me more info again.

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@extric99 @Mherwege

as i tested it today. the command is working on homekit and paper UI but nothing happened on NIKO site.

only when i manualy push the button niko after that did the comand i added it via homekit

i am going to load your new version and will test it

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where is your last version. same location as previous ?

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perfect work… working great :clap:

(Christophe) #160

I can break it when entering multiple times a value when the roller shutter is executing a command

Start position 0
I enter 100
Roller shutter starts
I Enter 60
I enter 70
I enter…
The binding stops reacting for the roller shutter

@Serrrano can you please also test this.
@Mherwege I will send the trace logs in the PM

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@extric99 @Mherwege

come back home and i will test it