NinjaSphere as openHAB Server?


i’m one of the “lucky” guys who got a ninja sphere before they closed their doors.

It wasn’t running anytime and now i would like to try openHAB and would like to ask you if it’s possible to install openHAB on the ninja sphere.

It’s an ubuntu installed on the sphere. I think it can run there.
The things i don’t know:

  • would it run performant?
  • can i use the LEDs to display some status on it?
  • can i use the motion detection from ninja sphere?
  • can i use integrated zigbee?
  • can i use integrated bluetooth smart?
  • can i use a 433MHZ tellstick dongle on ninja sphere?

Does anyone here use the sphere?
Or is it better to buy a Pi v3 to run openHAB?

Best regards