No Addons Link in Paper-UI

Hello Guys.

Since 2 days i have no Addons (extensions) Button in paper ui.
The 4 other buttons are there and work.
So i cannot unInstall bindings.

All startet 2 days ago with suddenly and random occuring varios errors (for example some rules just work sometimes).
In the log i saw lots of exceptions like “…outOfMemory…”.
Then i read that the sonos binding might be the reason for this behavoir and when i tried to uninstall it again i saw that i cant open the addons-site.
When i enter the url oh2-IP:8080/ui/index.html#/extensions i get an empty site with just the title “Add-ons” and an error at the right bottom corner “503 service unavailable”.
I deleted evry sonos related file i can, removed the found thing (but of course it gets again in my inbox as long as the binding is installed). For the moment no outOfMemory errors occur, but maybe in 2 days again. nevertheless i need the extensions-menu cause i managed the bindings with it (for the moment only homematic, mapTransform, sonos, telegramAction, yahooWeather, mapDb and rrd4j is installed).

thank you

You could try uninstalling from the karaf console:

bundle:uninstall org.openhab.binding.sonos

Thx a lot sihui.

i installed oh2 via apt-get (snapshot) and tried to log in karaf with:
sudo su -s /bin/bash -c ‘/usr/share/openhab2/runtime/bin/client’ openhab
i also tried the ssh way.
both failed (the first one with a access denied error or so…dont know it exactly anymore).
then i purged oh2 and tried to reinstall it. at the “apt-get update”-step i got errors like “404 not found”.
at least i did the manual installation (now without sonos) yesterday and try it this way now.

thx for you help again.