No Analyzer Graphs in OH3 with InfluxDB

Hi there,

I’ve recently upgraded to OH3 and was really looking forward to the fancy new Analyzer feature, however the graphs are always empty for me, even though data is correctly logged (I can report on it in Grafana). Is Analyzer with InfluxDB not supported (yet?)?


What is configured as default persistence services? Just set it to influxdb and analyze should work.

What kind of items are you looking at?
I have issues with switches.

Numbers (temperature) works though

Thanks for confirming InfluxDB works with Analyzer. I figured out what the issue was: Although Influx was checked as default persistence service in the UI after the upgrade from OH2.5 to OH3, the setting didn’t seem to propagate for some reason. After saving the setting again, things work as expected.

Switches don’t work for me either, but are they supposed to be supported?

with regard to switches: