No Audio/Voice Configuration in PaperUI

I have OH2 installed via OpenRasbian. I’m trying to work my way through setting up TTS (and failing).

I have the Sonos and MaryTTS bindings installed.

According to this document, there should be an option to configure the default audio sink and voice in Paper UI under Configuration->System->Audio/Voice. I don’t have either of those options. Under System I only have Extension Management, Item Linking, Locale, and Persistence.

I believe OpenHabian installs the most up to date snapshot and I just did an apt-get update. Am I missing something or looking in the wrong place?

My guess would be that its not a new snapshot. Ive played with many versions and snapshots of oh 2 and only the new ones have audio support. But im on windows so

@ThomDietrich, could you comment on this?

True. Did you check that you are indeed on the latest version? Compare the build number you see when logging in with the one found behind the link linked here:

I have not looked at audio yet and will have to check the menu myself at a later time.

This might be related to


I am indeed on the wrong version. I’m on 506 and the current one looks to be 624.

I do updates via apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. Is this the correct process with OpenHabian?

Solved. A messed up etckeeper file seemed to be blocking the upgrade to the newest snapshot.