No automatic refresh of time

i use openhab since 1 year now ant there is one thing, which isn´t working since the first version i installed.

Now i´m on 1.8.2. I use classicUI on chrome browser (Win7).

I use the Time/Date-Example from the Demo-sitemap. But time will never refresh automatically. I always have to refresh the webpage on my own to get the correct time.

Is there a way to fix this problem? I opened openhab today morning and now i looked into the chrome browser again and there was still 9am. Then i did a refresh (F5) and now i can see the correct time 4pm.

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Lucky timeless guy can still have breakfeast in the evening :slight_smile:

Sorry, but can’t really help

Is there no way to get automatic refresh of date and time?

Did this behave the same on 1.8.1 or previous releases?

On every release since i startet with openhab on february 2015. Now i´m on 1.8.2

It´s the date-time example in first line of webinterface from the demo sitemap.

Just to be clear, you have a DateTime item in the sitemap, and when its state is updated to a new, different DateTimeType, the classic UI does not show the new date/time until you refresh the browser? If so, I would have sworn that that works for me. Could you confirm?

DateTime Date "Datum und Zeit [%1$tA, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tT]" <calendar> { ntp="Europe/Berlin:de_DE" }

Frame label=“Datum” {
Text item=Date

No automatic refresh, only if i press F5 to reload the website.

If i open chrome on morning and let it open the whole day, i can see still time of morning on afternoon.

Classic UI, Chrome on windows7pro

No idea?

I have the same question

Will there ever be a fix for this problem?

Why can´t there be a update of time maybe every minute? Or better in real time?

I´m running latest 1.8.3 and there i always have an old time visible on my sitemap.

Is this fixed in OH2?

I am running the latest OpenHABIAN 2 version and none of my Items seem to refresh.
Funny enough the demo seems to work.

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same here

I’ve been using openhab for a little over a week now, installed on a pi4 and it has been working really well. Got SmartThings interfaced, works much better than expected, InfluxDB+Grafana, Weather, MQTT was todays task and it works really well, once I got past all the confusing examples and read the current documentation.

But in my testing of MQTT I found that my “default.sitemap” is being updated/auto-refreshed CORRECTLY in the edge, chrome browsers and openhab android app.

However, I created a couple of new sitemaps which only auto-refresh correctly in the openhab app, but NOT in the browsers. This happens with my MQTT items, smartthings items and items populated with in rules.

If there is a resolution to this problem?

Have you looked in your openhab.log for load time errors related to your suspect sitemaps?

I was just coming back to say I found the problem, I changed the sitemap label without changing the sitemap name within the file. If I had looked at the log, I would have saved myself some time, as it clearly spells out the problem. Thx rossko for your response.

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