No blinds_control channel in Fakro ARZ2_1_1 device

We bought two new Rollershutters from Fakro. It turned out that these rollershutters are a version that is known in the database with zwave thing-type ID of ‘ARZ2_01_001’ and label ‘ARZ 1.1 Roller Shutter Module’. So far so good.

But in the corresponding “arz2_1_1.xml”-file in the zwave binding there is no blinds_control channel defined. In the file is a switch_binary, a switch_dimmer-channel and a alarm_power channel defined.

As far as I know, only the blinds_control channel has the options to invert the percentage value and to invert control. Because the Fakro-rollershutters need the invert_percentage value option, I would really like to use the blinds_control channel.

To try how to solve things, I changed locally the corresponding arz2_1_1-file in the binding. When I change this file locally in the binding in such way that I remove the “switch_binary” and “switch_dimmer” channels, and replace them with the “blinds_control” channel, then everything works like a charm (with the invert_percentage_value) when I put that jar-file in ‘addons’.

The rollershutters then behave like expected, they can be controlled with the percentage and down/up commands. They als report the correct values after opening and shutting when reaching their end-positions, where the older version of the rollershutters report the wrong percentage after reaching the end-position.

Is there a reason that this version of the Fakro rollershutter has no blinds_control channel? Is it possible to change the arz2_1_1 entry in the database to only have the blinds_control-channel and the alarm_power-channel?

Thx in advance,