No code content visible for habpanel custom widgets after openhab restore


I recently reinstalled openhab2.2. I am able to successfully see my panel pages and everything looks to be working fine.
However, when I go to custom widgets and try to open one of my custom widget in order to edit - I don’t see any data(like below):

The same situation for any other widget/file.

Has anyone experienced that before?
What is the best way to do in such situation? I could probably export and import that files manually, but I would rather avoid such manual work.

I’ve got the same problem. The code is all there, you just can’t see it. Select all, copy, and past into an editor to change and then past back. I’ve tried a few things but nothing seems to help.

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Very weird, I cannot reproduce this problem.
Are you using Chrome, can you test in Firefox?


Just checked it. Looks this is the issue!
I can’t see code in Chrome. In firefox everything looks fine.

Great, thanks for hint. You were right. I can copy the code from there even when not able to see it. Strange.

I manged to view it in IE, I guess I’ll install firefox, since IE can’t seem to handle my habpanel.