No connection to openHAB Cloud after Update 2.5.2

I use an openhabian Image on a Rasperry Pi.
When I update the system to new OpenHAB Version 2.5.2 (latest) the connection to the cloud doesn’t work anymore. The Secret and the UUID are correct and myopenhab the system is “online” but there are no items and the dashboard is not reachable (Error 504).

I can not find any faults in my LOG File.

I already tried to reinstall the cloud connector, but nothing helps.

May somebody has an idea?


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By “there are no items”, do you mean that nothing is showing up on

If so, that is correct. Items would only show up here if they had been exposed to myopenhab so that they’ll work with services such as IFTTT. However, that functionality was disabled last August, as it was causing myopenhab’s servers to crash frequently. So even if you expose items in PaperUI, they aren’t going to show up in this list.

I’m not sure why you’re getting the 504 error. If you haven’t already done so, multiple restarts are sometimes needed after updating OH to get everything back to full function.

What happens if you try to access OH using the Android or iOS app?

Android App: Connection to Remote URL and the the waiting circle… nothing more.
There I found the problem.

I’m not sure what you mean by this sentence. Did you solve it?

No. But after the Update I recognize that the App is Not working anymore.

Okay, are you seeing any errors in openhab.log?

Also, how many times have you restarted since updating? Some people have needed as many as three restarts to get everything working properly.

And just to be sure, is this what you see in Paper UI for the openHAB Cloud service?

Yes exactly this.

I restarted 3 times.

I’d suggest reverting to a backup and then trying the update again. I haven’t read of anyone else experiencing this issue with the 2.5.2 update, but perhaps someone with more expertise will chime in.

I had the same issue after going to 2.5.2.

The bundle wasn’t even installed, as far as I could tell. OpenHAB thought it was installed, but it either wasn’t, or wasn’t being detected by the ESH framework.

I had to uninstall the connector, restart OpenHAB, and then reinstall it to get it working again.