No Dimmer-Slider after update

Hi, after last update on rpi, the dimmers lost the sliders. They were there before, now there are just 2 bottons, up and down… How can i fix this?

Unfortunately you can’t (only with downgrade to last version with sliders) - see github issue

You need to implement actions on those buttons(INCREASE,DECREASE). They for some reason pulled the slider, as it was causing an issue w/ some people’s browsers.

This is the largest reason why I haven’t upgraded from 1.8. I just cherry pick things from 1.9 that I want, and recompile my 1.8.

The slider is still present on the android apps.

So, do we need to program around the ClassicUI and the androids/apple apps ?

(use slider in one version and program buttons on others?)

Does it work on Hab2?

If I got it right, OH 2 has Sliders at least in Basic UI. For Classic UI the slider should be reimplemented even in ESH, but for now the implementation was reverted.

I wish to revisit this issue. The old incremental dimmer method no longer works in version 1.8.3. I like the slider widget which now automatically returns a percentage value as seen in event log. Does anyone know what parameter I can use to harness that value - either in items definition or rules to utilize in a REST call?