No event Bus update Homematic RF transmitter


I have a problem regarding a handheld transmitter from Homematic. The HM Binding is correctly configured and some other actuators and sensors are working fine.

When i press the handheld there is no update of the item in the openHAB event bus. But the update is shown in WEBUI of HM, showing the communication between HM and the Handheld is working fine. If i manually trigger the handheld in the HM WEBUI the event bus shows : “HMHandsender_1_Rechts changed from ON to OFF” , just like it should. anybody experienced sth similar ?

Best Michael

Anybody who is using a Homematic Handheld that is working with openHAB? I am using the HM-RC-4-B. I really need help…

Are you talkng about hm-rc-4-3?

I can’t find your number.

I’m using it, works as expected, just the key numbering is strange.

No. Like i wrote its the “HM-RC-4-B”. Its pretty old. bought it back then with CCU1. Maybe i just by a new one. Thanks for your reply.