No Events for Channel#2 for HmIP-BSM

I got no events for SHORT or LONG pressed for channel#2. Channel#1 works flawless. Any idea?

If you really think you provided enough information for us to help, please think again.
OpenHAB version
Java version
Log or screen shot

I’m using OH2.3 on Raspberry Jessy. I’m using piVCCU 2.47.20-55.

The HmIP-BSM fires only events for channel#1 (the down button). For the channel#2 (Up button) no events will be fired.

I doubt you will get any help for OH2.3. The best bet ist to jump to OH2.5M5 and test if the issue still occurs. If it isn’t you’re fine. If it is, try to get it fixed until OH2.5 stable in about three weeks.