No Habpanel theme

Hi ! I’m switching from openhab 2.1 to 2.2 and in 2.2 there is some theme and it’s very cool. My issue is my androids tabs are too old and won’t support it and I don’t want to change it … my issue is : in 2.2 I can’t activate transparency of the widget ( I can with 2.1 ) so all my setup becomes really ugly …

Is there a way to force transparency for not compatible devices ? if not can I Install old habpanel 2.1 jar and where can I find it ?


Sorry Dominic but…

There is what?

The what?

What tile?

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Really sorry French is not my first language and some time if I don’t check I make a lot of mistakes…

That doesn’t clarify your first post and French IS your first language. I guess that English isn’t. :wink:

Wow 2 in 2 really sorry again ! But I edited the first post !