No image display for item based on ipcamera thing

I recently upgraded from V3.1 to V3.2 and though this solved a lot of problems I faced before the integration of my HIK-Vision DS-2CD2010F-I Cameras still does not fully work.
I created a thing based on the ipcamera binding for HIK-Vision cameras. There I entered the proper URLs for the “Snapshot URL” and the “MJPEG URL” (that I’ve verified in the Browser) as shown below:

The Image_URL Item created from the ImageURL channel of this thing shows a wrong URL:

An “Image Card” does not display the image
neither if using the Item nor if leaving the Item empty and setting the URL:

Using the Snapshot URL in a Image Widget in a sitemap works properly anf updates the image in the selected intervall. Using the Item instead of the URL does not work.

Using the MJPEG URL in an “Video Card”

results in:

The other channels work properly e.g. the motion alarm can be enabled/disabled and a motion alarm is registered.

Thanks for any help to solve my problem,

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