No initialization of Z-Wave devices

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RP4 + RaZberry
    • OS: Rasbian
    • openHAB version: 3.0 SNAPSHOT

I have 5 z-wave device. I built the network via the z-way server application. There, everything is working. I then tested the z-way binding in OH3. All devices were found. But soon I realized that some, I guess only the battery driven devices, were not updated, e.g. the presence detection.
So I deactivated the z-way server and tried the z-wave binding. Now, I have similar problems. The only difference is that the battery device are not correctly initialized (for 2 days now), while the mains powered devices are working corretcly.
Find attached a corresponding screenshot and a log file. In the log I do not see any error. Device 5 in the log for example is a battery device (see screenshot for devices).

Any advice? Thanks.

zwave.txt (103.6 KB)

@chris Do you have an advice? Thx.

Look at the documentation for the battery powered devices and figure out how to wake them up. Then do so, over and over if need be. Some times it takes many tries.

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As @Andrew_Rowe said, to get the battery devices initialised, you will need to wake them up. They may wake up by themselves, but this depends on how they were initialised by the ZWay server.

One other point I noted in the log (which is quite short) - you are using security 2 on node 4 - this will not work as the binding doesn’t support this. You will also need to copy over the S0 key if you are using security S0 anywhere as well. This needs to be set in the controller thing.


Thx, it is working now. I thougth that every device would wake up at least every 24h. Also, I was not aware that the z-wave binding does not support S2.

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No - most devices default to not waking up, or, if they do wake up they use a broadcast command which won’t work in many instances.