No locations and equipment after migration

After migration I find my old things and items in OH3, but no locations and no equipments are defined.
Are location not migrated from OH 2.5?
I defined the location home and office in OH3 semantic model, but I don’t see the locations an the overview site. Why not?
I tried to add equipment from things to the office. Ich can select the existing thing but noting ist added.
Is it possible to add existing migrated things to locations?

There is no real equivalent of the semantic model in 2.5. The locations that you had set in using the paperUI are not the same as the new semantic model in OH3, so there is no expectation that any of that information has carried over.

In the new model, locations and equipment are just group items and semantic classes and properties are just item tags. They have some special indicators that OH uses to provide and organize the automatic locations, equipment, and properties tabs in the overview page, but really its just system of grouping and tagging. Things don’t really play any role in the model other than to be linked up to the items (which in the model are given the term points)

Using the semantic model is not a requirement if you’ve got a preferred method of grouping and/or tagging items. If you do wish to use the semantic model (and it really is just a convenience) you’ve got a couple of choices:

  1. You can manually modify each of your migrated items.
    Pros: keeps all your old items and item configurations.
    Cons: if your items are defined in the UI (that is, not from text files) then there is a lot of clicking for each item, plus keeping track of which groups you need to add an item to and which tags to add can be complicated depending on the system. If your items are defined in text files then copy and paste will speed things up a bit but your text files may well become pretty unwieldy.

  2. You can use the model page to rebuild all new items directly in the model and replace your old items.
    Pros: the UI is pretty well streamlined, so with just a little bit of practice, this can go very quickly even for setups with many hundreds of items.
    Cons: if your items have lots of non-basic configurations (metadata or tags), or if you prefer a naming convention that isn’t based on the pattern auto-generated by the add points dialogs then there’s still a lot of individual clicking and setting to be done for certain items.

Thank you!

How can I make the new locations home and office seen on the overview page?

I tried to add an existing item from the UI manually to the location office, but I did’t find a possibility to do so. Is it possibly?

I also changed the location of an existing thing to the new samantic location. It’s not added to the location. Can I add existing things to a loaction manually?

It was there but only used by HABot. And it was awkward to use.

Please review Semantic Model | openHAB.

To reiterate what JustinG stated.

A Location is just a Group Item with a Location semantic tag. So did you create a Group Item for the Office and add the Office semantic tag to it?

To put an Equipment or Point into a Location you make it a direct member of the Location Group. When you say you tried to add an Item to the Office, is that what you did?

It’s all managed using Groups and tags. Things don’t contribute to the semantic model. It’s all done through Items.