No MQTT bindings in OpenHab2 add ons at all!

I’m using openhabian an have exacly the same problem as descrbed above.


I did finally get into the proper files and changed everything to where I could SSH from my PC into the karaf console. I appreciate your help, but as the title of my topic states “No MQTT bindings in OpenHab2 add ons at all!”. Therefore, I clearly can’t just go to Paper UI and add MQTT bindings from add-ons. What I need to know is exactly, how and where to add the MQTT binding files to Openhab so that they show up in Paper UI, or if they won’t show in paper UI, where they will be installed and operational in Openhab.

From the screenshot in post #4 it looks like you have a different problem: I’m only seeing 3 tabs where there should be 7 tabs.
You need to solve that problem first and I’m sure you will be able to install the mqtt binding (or any other 1.x bindings) the normal way through GUI.
Search the forum, if I remember correctly there have been similar issues posted, but I don’t remember the solution.

Good luck.

Hi Elwood,
This seems to be a pretty old post, so not sure if you have been able to resolve this. However after going through a number of other posts I found out the wrong step that I took.
The first time after installing opeHAB, when you login using the link "http://[ip_of_your_machine]:8080 you will be presented with four options: Simple, Standard, Expert, Demo.
If you choose Simple you end up in your situation.
Upon choosing Standard you will get all the required bindings including MQTT.
If you do not want to go through the whole installation process again you can change the following in the
addons.cfg in /etc/openhab2/services/:
package = standard (instead of minimal)
I did see the MQTT binding after this, but observed that everytime I restarted openHAB the MQTT binding got uninstalled and had to re-install in manually in Paper UI. I just did a fresh install and everything then seems to be in order.
Hope this solves your problem and anyone else who loses their way and hit upon this.