No negative values for HEM-G2 Home Energy Meter

You have to set the 2nd value to: enable
And your clamp must use the right way. If u rotate u’ll have negative value to positive and viceversa.


@khael87 i tried your configurations and its working too.
Is there any way to get all these values periodically, after some fixed interval.

There are 2 ways:
Or u force the update (adding , refresh_interval=600" to the items) or u have to modify the configuration of the HEM-G2.
It can report the update every 120 s (long period) or when there is a change >5%.
You can edit this value on the configuration.
Have a nice day!

thanks @khael87

Hi @khael87,

I am not getting correct reading,
i have 3 phase 4 wire meter,
i connected only single phase among 3 phase and connected 15 watt bulb as load.
In 3 phase voltage should be 230V on each phase. But i am getting 116-119 v approx.
and also power reading is wrong (7.52W) and current (0.067Amp).

Is there any scaling factor need to configure…?
Any suggestion to get correct readings


It looks like the current is correct, but as the voltage is reading wrong, the power is wrong.

Where are you located (ie what voltage is your mains system) and how have you wired the device?

The reason for asking is in the US I believe the system is 110v per phase (ie when measured from phase to neutral), which gives 240v between the phases. So, if you have a 110v system, but are wiring this up to use multiple phases to provide 240v for your bulb, but have the HEM wired wrt neutral you will likely see 110v…

Just a thought as I don’t know your system.


At my place 230v is coming per phase.
there are 2 wires per phase on meter

  1. clamp wire is connected to one of wire from 2 wires of load.
  2. and second wire on meter is plugged into extension box.

i checked voltage across load using multimeter, & is found to be 240-250v

My HEM-G2 stop working.
Always report same data ( zero ) for a lot of time and didn’t update…
there is a way to reset te device remotely?